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New pyradigms version!

Fresh off the github press: a new version of pyradigms, give it a go if you're handling paradigms (or should be)!

pyradigms is a python package that allows you to compose and decompose three-dimensional paradigms from and into lists with parameters. I've rewritten it from the ground up, as I've realized that I can use pandas for the core functionality -- grouping and pivoting of dataframes. To give you an idea of what it does, it basically takes lists like this:

Person Number Verb Mood Form
1 SG kon- IND konün
1 SG kon- SBJV konli
1 SG kon- IMP konchi
1 DU kon- IND koniyu
1 DU kon- SBJV konliyu
1 PL kon- IND koniyiñ
1 PL kon- SBJV konliyiñ
2 SG kon- IND konimi
2 SG kon- SBJV konülmi
2 SG kon- IMP konnge
2 DU kon- IND konimu
2 DU kon- SBJV konülmu
2 DU kon- IMP konmu
2 PL kon- IND konimün
2 PL kon- SBJV konülmün
2 PL kon- IMP konmün
3 SG kon- IND koni
3 SG kon- SBJV konle
3 SG kon- IMP konpe
3 DU kon- IND koningu
3 DU kon- SBJV konle engu
3 DU kon- IMP konpe engu
3 PL kon- IND koningün
3 PL kon- SBJV konle engün
3 PL kon- IMP konpe engün
1 SG pi- IND pin
1 SG pi- SBJV pili
1 SG pi- IMP pichi
1 DU pi- IND piyu
1 DU pi- SBJV piliyu
1 PL pi- IND piiñ
1 PL pi- SBJV piliyiñ
2 SG pi- IND pimi
2 SG pi- SBJV pilmi
2 SG pi- IMP pinge
2 DU pi- IND pimu
2 DU pi- SBJV pilmu
2 DU pi- IMP pimu
2 PL pi- IND pimün
2 PL pi- SBJV pilmün
2 PL pi- IMP pimün
3 SG pi- IND pi
3 SG pi- SBJV pile
3 SG pi- IMP pipe
3 DU pi- IND pingu
3 DU pi- SBJV pile engu
3 DU pi- IMP pipe engu
3 PL pi- IND pingün
3 PL pi- SBJV pile engün
3 PL pi- IMP pipe engün
1 SG tripa- IND tripan
1 SG tripa- SBJV tripali
1 SG tripa- IMP tripachi
1 DU tripa- IND tripayu
1 DU tripa- SBJV tripaliyu
1 PL tripa- IND tripaiñ
1 PL tripa- SBJV tripaliyiñ
2 SG tripa- IND tripaymi
2 SG tripa- SBJV tripalmi
2 SG tripa- IMP tripange
2 DU tripa- IND tripaymu
2 DU tripa- SBJV tripalmu
2 DU tripa- IMP tripamu
2 PL tripa- IND tripaymün
2 PL tripa- SBJV tripalmün
2 PL tripa- IMP tripamün
3 SG tripa- IND tripay
3 SG tripa- SBJV tripale
3 SG tripa- IMP tripape
3 DU tripa- IND tripayngu
3 DU tripa- SBJV tripale engu
3 DU tripa- IMP tripape engu
3 PL tripa- IND tripayngün
3 PL tripa- SBJV tripale engü
3 PL tripa- IMP tripape engün

to this:

tripa- 1SG 1DU 1PL 2SG 2DU 2PL 3SG 3DU 3PL
IND tripan tripayu tripaiñ tripaymi tripaymu tripaymün tripay tripayngu tripayngün
SBJV tripali tripaliyu tripaliyiñ tripalmi tripalmu tripalmün tripale tripale engu tripale engü
IMP tripachi tripange tripamu tripamün tripape tripape engu tripape engün

or this:

IND kon- tripa- pi-
1SG konün tripan pin
1DU koniyu tripayu piyu
1PL koniyiñ tripaiñ piiñ
2SG konimi tripaymi pimi
2DU konimu tripaymu pimu
2PL konimün tripaymün pimün
3SG koni tripay pi
3DU koningu tripayngu pingu
3PL koningün tripayngün pingün

or, if you wanted, even something like this:

pi- pin piyu piiñ pili piliyu piliyiñ pichi
kon- konün koniyu koniyiñ konli konliyu konliyiñ konchi
tripa- tripan tripayu tripaiñ tripali tripaliyu tripaliyiñ tripachi
pi- pimi pimu pimün pilmi pilmu pilmün pinge pimu pimün
kon- konimi konimu konimün konülmi konülmu konülmün konnge konmu konmün
tripa- tripaymi tripaymu tripaymün tripalmi tripalmu tripalmün tripange tripamu tripamün
pi- pi pingu pingün pile pile engu pile engün pipe pipe engu pipe engün
kon- koni koningu koningün konle konle engu konle engün konpe konpe engu konpe engün
tripa- tripay tripayngu tripayngün tripale tripale engu tripale engü tripape tripape engu tripape engün

Vice versa, it also allows you to take a traditional linguistic paradigm (or something laid out like it) like this:

1 2 3M 3F 3N
NOM.SG ég þú hann hún það
ACC.SG mig þig hann hana það
DAT.SG mér þér honum henni því
GEN.SG mín þín hans hennar þess
NOM.PL við þið þeir þær þau
ACC.PL okkur ykkur þá þær þau
DAT.PL okkur ykkur þeim þeim þeim
GEN.PL okkar ykkar þeirra þeirra þeirra

to a list like this:

Person Gender Case Number Value
1 NOM SG ég
1 ACC SG mig
1 DAT SG mér
1 GEN SG mín
1 NOM PL við
1 ACC PL okkur
1 DAT PL okkur
1 GEN PL okkar
2 NOM SG þú
2 ACC SG þig
2 DAT SG þér
2 GEN SG þín
2 NOM PL þið
2 ACC PL ykkur
2 DAT PL ykkur
2 GEN PL ykkar
3 M NOM SG hann
3 M ACC SG hann
3 M DAT SG honum
3 M GEN SG hans
3 M NOM PL þeir
3 M ACC PL þá
3 M DAT PL þeim
3 M GEN PL þeirra
3 F NOM SG hún
3 F ACC SG hana
3 F DAT SG henni
3 F GEN SG hennar
3 F NOM PL þær
3 F ACC PL þær
3 F DAT PL þeim
3 F GEN PL þeirra
3 N NOM SG það
3 N ACC SG það
3 N DAT SG því
3 N GEN SG þess
3 N NOM PL þau
3 N ACC PL þau
3 N DAT PL þeim
3 N GEN PL þeirra