About me

I am a descriptive and historical linguist with a heavy computational bend. During my PhD, I have specialized on Cariban languages, but I am interested in a wide range of human languages their structural aspects, from phonetic details to diachronic morphosyntax. My weapons of choice for linguistic data wrangling are python and pandas. Most of the work I do is centered on “low-resource” languages. For modeling linguistic data, I am particularly fond of (and proficient in) the CLDF/CLLD framework. I also have experience as a full-stack web developer, using Django or Flask for the server, and vanilla JS / jQuery / Vue for the frontend. I am fond of maps; two examples of my work are a python library for projecting family trees onto maps, and the interactive map of German-speaking Switzerland in the Swiss German Dialect Corpus. If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch.